Tech schema


All devices equipped with a digital interface are compatible with the connector (e.g. serial, parallel or USB ports). New devices require a one-time implementation by cubuslab and will then be available via Plug & Play. Up to four devices can be plugged in to one connector simultaneously.

Each connector in the system is linked bidirectionally with your company's main server or a cloud. Using the latest WebSocket technology guarantees compatibility with common network architecture.

This also supports centralized and inexpensive realization of software updates and services. Any kind of information gets pushed to the server in real time. Therefore, the status of both the equipment and the connector is known at any time. The bidirectional communication also gives rise to the possibility to send commands to all connected devices and to telecommand them.

All data is saved locally by the connector in the case of disconection from the network. As soon as the connection is back on, data will be transferred to the server.


The linux-based server of cubuslab solutions is provided either in a cloud or on your in-house network. The latter can be a stand-alone option or a virtual engine of the existing server architecture.

The communication from the server to both the connector and the application works completely TLS encrypted. User account rights, audit-trails and backups can be administrated centrally. Therefore, all popular SQL-databases can be linked in.

The open cubuslab data-interface (API) integrates seamlessly into all current systems. It supports all common data formats like JSON or WSDL + STOMP, so every parameter of your device is available at any time.


The application describes the web-based user interface of the cubuslab solution. The latest web technology provides the user with maximum flexibility. The open and independent web standards form the basis of the system's security. They also secure compatibility with future progress in the software industry.

There is no need for an installation process on your side, or for browser-plugins. The server provides the application, which also means that the status of the application is always up-to-date. Updates or recent add-ons are centrally managed by the server. You only need a common browser, e.g. Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer), Firefox or Safari.

The touch-optimized and scalable user interface allows the application to be used on different terminal devices - whether it is from your computer or a portable device: the application is available around the clock.