Base module

The heart of any cubuslab solution. Our basic module connects your laboratory instruments and enables data management as well as the remote control of your devices.

Connect and command your devices

The basic module connects all laboratory devices equipped with a digital interface (see examples on the right). Once a known device is plugged into the cubuslab Connector , it can be used immediately. The piece of equipment is identified automatically. Visualization and remote control features are instantly available. There is no need for further configuration to start working with cubuslab.

More complex experimental arrangements with different devices can be combined in one dashboard. That's how data streams of the different equipment get combined immediately. The operation of a pump placed under a fume hood now can be automated. Moreover, you can easily initiate the run of several measuring instruments at the same time.

Record and visualize data

Once devices are connected, the measured information is recorded by default. All data will be collected and saved in real time - single values and whole test series equally. Manual transfer of data and transcription errors will be a thing of the past. The density as well as quality of the recorded data so can be significantly enhanced.

All collected data is tracked in real time and can be followed on our clear and intuitive surface. Graphs and indicators of your running conditions are displayed according to the type of instrument. Assigning threshold values will help you to focus on points of specific interest.

Save and analyze measurements

After the start of an experiment, all relevant data is collected and saved. You are free to choose the period of time in which your data is monitored, and you can manage how you want to visualize it. Data streams from different devices so can be easily compared and analyzed. The manual combination of data is no longer necessary.

Measurements can be named individually and additional meta information can be added (e.g. location, date and time, assistant, experimental setup). Optionally, you can add data sets from other types of applications, for example complementary analysis results. Finally, you can share your data with your team or business partners.

The structured data storage also promotes easy scanning of previous results. All data sets can be exported as CSV or Excel files with only one click.

Prepared for the future

The basic module can be individually extended with our modules . The basic module is your first step to the flexible laboratory of the future.

The application works on every compatible terminal device e.g. computers, tablets and smartphones.
With a cubuslab solution there is no need for your data to leave the company network.

Exemplary instruments

  • scales
  • heaters
  • shakers
  • stirrers
  • dosing pumps and vacuum pumps
  • reaction reactors
  • rotating evaporators
  • incubators
  • other analytic and laboratory equipment

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