Seamless Solutions for Science

Every lab is individual – that's what we support. cubuslab is simple, flexible and secure: Our solution connects your lab devices to a larger system. With cubuslab, manual data transfer belongs to the past. Automated workflows enable scientists to focus on their passion again.

Simple. Flexible. Secure.

Only a holistic approach can leverage the full potential of a digitally supported workflow.

Plug & Play

Connected lab devices are instantly accessible via browser and readily available for use or remote control: no further installation is required.

Data analysis in real time

All data is accurately recorded in real time. The functions for data search, combination and analysis are straightforward and intuitive.

Remote control

The control and analysis of ongoing operations are possible at any time from anywhere. This allows more freedom in the organization and scheduling of work time.

More time for research

Automated documentation eliminates manual transfer errors, and scientists are able to fully dedicate their time to research.

Cost savings

By interconnecting your existing laboratory equipment of heterogeneous brands, the potential of your lab is maximized and there is no need for investment in newer devices.

Increase in efficiency

Throughput is enhanced due to less documentary effort, a higher overall standard of data quality and the facilitated analysis of results.

Data pooling

Centralized data helps management with trend analyses, which makes supervising and administering of all past, current and planned laboratory tasks easier.

Secure data handling

According to the different priorities of each new setting, cubuslab can host lab data either in the central cloud or on your in-house server.

Teamwork and cooperation

The digital, flexible management of lab devices promotes better internal communication amongst the team and the whole company, which each staff member can benefit from.

Conforming to standards

Without any additional examination, integrated audit trails and recorded test history allow adherence to quality standards.

Data storage

cubuslab ensures the highest level of security by employing state of the art encryption technology; the server can be run without internet connection.

Integration of Risk Assessment

It is easy to integrate safety protocols and reports into the cubuslab system, so you don't have to worry about incorrect risk assessment anymore.